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Sputtering: Single Crystal Organic SIMS Cluster (C60) Bombardment Electronic Effects
Thermal Ablation Photochemical Ablation Coarse Grained Models
SIMS & keV Particle Bombardment of Single Crystals
BJG Logo       A major effort in our group and that of Nick Winograd's over the past 20 years has been to understand the fundamental processes involved in the keV particle bombardment of solids. In addition, we have used the combined experimental and theoretical approach to relate the measured energy and angular distributions to the structure of surface layer. Our theoretical approach for describing the atomic motions are shown in the figure is well developed and quantitative comparisons are made with experimental data. There are animations available through the graphics link at the top of this page.

      A major effort in the past few years has been to describe the electronic effects associated with this highly energetic process. For example, the energy and angular distributions of Rh in the 4F9/2 ground state are different from the distributions of Rh atoms in the 4F7/2 and 4F5/2 excited states. Dan Bernardo (an ex-postdoc) and Reena Bhatia (an ex- Ph.D. student) developed a model that could be incorporated into the dynamics simulations so that we can understand at a microscopic level the effects of the electronic excitation and de-excitation on the energy and angular distributions. We are able to explain anomalous features in the experimental data.

      The major effort other than the work on organic films mentioned elsewhere is to continue to include more and more of the fundamental processes. Scott Rosencrance, an ex- Ph.D. student with Nick Winograd, and Dr. Zbigniew Postawa, a visitor from Poland, have modeled the temperature effects on the ejection mechanisms.

Experimental Collaborators
Nick's pic Nicholas Winograd, Dept of Chemistry, Materials Research Institute, Penn State Univ. John's pic John C. Vickerman, Dept of Chemistry, UMIST, England
Zbigniew Postawa, Instytut Fizyki, Uniwersytet Jagiellonski, Kraków, Poland D-E logo Andreas Wucher, Fachbereich Physik Universitšt-GH Duisburg-Essen, Germany
Representative Publications: pdf files available

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